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Random tidbits written elsewhere (mostly plurk memes). Headcanons about various things.

Picture references from canon sources (and some Ryslig art thrown in).

Ryslig monster art. All the monster art. :3

Physical characteristics.

Various headcanons on a great many different topics.
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051 ↔ cat naps and shenanigans. (joe figures out he has a travel form now)
052 ↔ control of center event. lending a hand to natasha romanoff at the hospital.
053 ↔ control of center event. helping stocke out at the courthouse.
054 ↔ control of center event. network. npc mana. anti-potion help.
055 ↔ network. < rhibiki > discussing craziness of control of center event. biker gangs, aztec gold, and nazis oh my!

056 ↔ network. < MissFierce > fog god supporter nonsense.
057 ↔ network. < creepypasta > board games, not skateboards.
058 ↔ network. < v > v for vendetta fan? (spoilers: no. it's just vergil talking about dante). [note: threadjack on lady's thread.]
059 ↔ personal inbox of alastor. valentine's day.
060 ↔ network. < grimm > worst fairy tale ever.
061 ↔ network. < keyedheart > sparring.
n/a ↔ vows event narrative, the visions characters receive.
062 ↔ vows event. compulsion to kill. joe hunts down ryan farrow despite his attempt to avoid it all. (which led to joe's first death)

063 ↔ sad cat deals with his loneliness in various forms. (alastor is gone from ryslig and joe is not okay.)
064 ↔ corresponding network post that joe posted to distract himself from the sads. joe suggests making a skateboard park.
065 ↔ network. < heavywait > claws and guitars do not mix.
066 ↔ network. < SHARKATTACK > flying carry system for people. good idea, yo.
067 ↔ network. < amiella > salt weakness is a demon's thing.
068 ↔ march 14th is white day. all joe cares about is the chocolate haruka is handing out, mmm.
069 ↔ network. < floridagrrl92 > monster sitcom.
070 ↔ dante gets a rude awakening. joe is the worst, yes.
071 ↔ network. < freestyle > mutant rats and bakeries. not a good mix.

072 ↔ taking a bite out of killua's ice cream. what? he asked him too, technically.
073 ↔ glass witch event. joe attempting to hero. with glass limbs. and then epic fail at the maze.
074 ↔ a letter to kulen. the festival. booth browsing with fiona.
075 ↔ a letter to kulen. the festival. some paint and fun with haruka.
076 ↔ a letter to kulen. the end. insects and chaos everywhere, joe makes a stand.
076 ↔ a letter to kulen. asking questions! ...and then making terrible decisions based on the answers which ultimately leads to joe's (second) death.
078 ↔ network. < freestyle > after event reaction and things.

079 ↔ network post where joe announces he was eaten by a giant something down in kulen's bug hole.
080 ↔ rescuing a friend from hunters.
081 ↔ network. < jaded > would buy modern day clothes if available.
082 ↔ network. < Problemsolving > cursed ones' invitation to their underground city.
083 ↔ holes event. joe heads down with a group of monsters. later, he gets kicked out of the city.

084 ↔ network. < Problemsolving > discussing what happened down in the bug city.
085 ↔ network. < igarashi > what to name a cat.
086 ↔ the devil's nest. vandare's state, etc. joe however is easily distracted and more easily found bored. sorry greed.
087 ↔ network. < > how do you know if you've changed in other ways or not. joe doesn't think he has. (lbr, he prolly hasn't really.)
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001 ↔ introduction to ryslig. rescuing blues. continuation.
002 ↔ introduction to ryslig. helping lust down the mountain. or at least off the nasty high ledge.
003 ↔ introduction to ryslig. meeting envy at a creepy hole. continuation.
004 ↔ introduction to ryslig. running into greed. sure do remind him of another devil...
005 ↔ introduction to ryslig. plowing into dante. literally. continuation.
006 ↔ introduction to ryslig. OPEN TOPLEVEL THREAD FINALLY. alastor thread continuation.
007 ↔ network. < LunarLiaison > good cheer. that's the spirit. monster food?
008 ↔ network. < champion > dude you live in a castle?
009 ↔ network. < mordio > liewen laboratories. no job, maybe a blood sample, let me find the dude!
010 ↔ network. < jac > are you a robot tho.
011 ↔ network. < tripleT > date auction outrage. charity is mint. wait a job at a burlesque? dude yespls.
012 ↔ network. < etros_miracles > whoa harsh world.
013 ↔ graffiti around bavan. neku "blue" sakuraba.
014 ↔ network. < Breakman > yo blues!
015 ↔ all hallows event. the calling and instant-changes open thread.
016 ↔ all hallows event. open log. raging devil. alastor's intervention. the aftermath.
017 ↔ raging devil no more. tired, bloody, sad. alastor bringing him home. meeting lady and dante. getting cleaned up.
018 ↔ network. < makelemonade > prosthetic leg adjustments. yeah.
019 ↔ joe meets with emi to see about fixing her prosthetic legs.
020 ↔ network. < HORSEFEATHERS > a flying race! ...maybe.
021 ↔ network. < boundless > potential sparring partner.

022 ↔ network. < unicornrider > weird coins can be cashed in for awesome things?? awesome!
023 ↔ network. < MidnightThunderboy > alastor trying to get help concerning joe's lack of eating. joe is not amused. [note: threadjacks on other threads.]
024 ↔ joe goes to meet lady at a burger joint for their not-date. joe avoids the monster discussion.
025 ↔ following dante to a seedy bar didn't sound like a bad idea at the time.
026 ↔ look, he needs a job so why not ask a greedy devil for one.
027 ↔ a duel between blademaster alastor and viewtiful joe.
028 ↔ network. < EmoUrges > offer to train in self-defense.
029 ↔ fog days. rampaing devil redux.
030 ↔ the very next day. (they get cookies!)
031 ↔ later, things get a little better. joe goes to find a skateboard in bavan and runs into marty mcfly. dude. awesome.
032 ↔ another day in bavan. running into a werewolf in dog form. not...realizing it's a werewolf, oops. it's boxer (transistor).
033 ↔ network. < lonely.soul > what you do and do not like about being a monster.
034 ↔ taking lust out to the movies.
035 ↔ network. < misseight > would you go back home or stay here?

036 ↔ joe comes home to find a stray cat sleeping by the stove. oh wait, that's just alastor.
037 ↔ running into envy while the new manticore is looking for a shirt. joe explains how he stays warm in the cold.
038 ↔ network. < MICHEL♥ > changing monster forms. no wings would suck.
039 ↔ network. < IAMACHICKEN > what's the future like?
040 ↔ network. < winters > how long did it take before you believed this? newbie monster questions.
041 ↔ network. < notriku > birthdays, superheroes, and reward coins. oh my.
042 ↔ network. < underthatsky > that's harsh. anyone is lovable! even monsters!
043 ↔ trying a little fish food. why not.
044 ↔ monster changes! mountain changes wear off; joe becomes a manticore and alastor reverts back to a gargoyle.
045 ↔ a walk through the woods. meeting angel.
046 ↔ masquerade party! joe has a ton of fun all around.
047 ↔ masquerade party! running into loki.
048 ↔ masquerade party! bumping into lust.
049 ↔ masquerade party! catching sight of heather.
050 ↔ network. < freestyle > mochi for new years
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1st change
N/A | All Hallows Event: transformed straight into full devil
October 17, 2015

2nd change
N/A | Event changes fade into full manticore
December 17, 2015
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You know the drill, yo.


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Henshin-a-Go-Go Baby!


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